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Dear environmentally aware citizen of the world!                         

Copenhagen, December 2009

The Danish government plans to clear forests and destroy unique nature for the benefit of industry.

The Danish environment minister Troels Lund Poulsen decided, on behalf of the government, on 30th September 2009, that the clearing of 15 km2 of forest in the north west of Denmark will take place. A test centre for the development of offshore windmills is planned to take up 30 km2 of land in the Thy region, near Østerild. This deforestation will create an increase of 400,000 tonnes of CO2 emission, the equivalent of the CO2 emission of 100,000 people per year.

The government will force the local population out of their homes. The reasoning behind this is said to be for the benefit of the Danish windmill industry, which will in turn create more Danish jobs. The regulations to finalise the evictions goes against Denmark’s constitution and is therefore clearly illegal.

In current plans, the area is categorised as a recreational area, where the set up of windmills is prohibited.

The region is one of Denmark’s most beautiful areas. With its rugged landscapes and grand views, as well as many rare species of animals, birds and plants, the area is representative of authentic Danish nature. There are very few areas of Denmark left, where one can experience darkness at night and complete silence.

The windmills, which are 250 meters tall, are planned to be along a 6 km linear south/north stretch. This will prevent birds in the international Ramsar-area, Vejlerne, which is situated to the east of the test centre, from flying west to the EU-habitat area Vullum Sø and to Thy National Park just south of Hanstholm.

The Danish government has not consulted properly about the plans. The Danish citizens had little time to put forward comments of the project. The hearing has only been 11 days long, with 9 of those being a national holiday.

The environment minister has decided that a report on this projects impact on nature and the wildlife will be completed by early December 2009. The consequence of this is that it is impossible to produce a well documented scientific report, to act as the foundation for a political decision.

The local population has formed an association, “Landforeningen for Bedre Miljø” (The Association for an Improved Environment) with the aim to inform about the environmental consequences for both the society and nature, if plans for the national test centre are followed through. So far, “Landsforeningen for Bedre Miljø“ has tried, in vain, to persuade the Danish government to produce a more thorough investigation of the project’s impacts on the surroundings.

The association is discontented with the planning process so far, because they have neglected ordinary, well-known, democratic principles, which Denmark otherwise uses every opportunity to talk about across the world.

If you, as an environmentally aware citizen of the world, thinks that questions ought to be asked concerning this unjust conduct towards our future generations inheritance of the nature, please spread the word about this planned national test centre.

Here you will find a selection of english articles and letters to the editor which has come to our attention.

Not all articles and letters to the editor are used by the newspapers. Therefore, you are more than wellcome to post your letter to the editor as a comment in the section below.

12.09.2010, Andrew Gilligan: “An ill wind blows for Denmark’s green energy revolution” The Telegraph (read online)

01.09.2010, NRK nett-TV: “Angels with dirty wings” (watch online)

17.08.2010, Fiona Macrae: “More than half of Britain’s wind farms have been built where there is not enough wind” (read online)

24.7.2010, Peter Skeel Hjort: “Neighbours on the barricades against wind turbines in Denmark” (read online)

  • A_ruff_dog

    wind is simple and non productive, unable to ever tend to any countries need it now power needs,green renewable energy should never devastate or kill every thing that green energy is supposed to save, check me out on facebook, "say no to wind farms"  heres a thinker for all you simple minded pin wheel wind energy lovers, do the rivers stop flowing for days at a time? does the steam in the ground stop steaming? um no. i have about 40 turbines of the 100 and some that they slapped up here with our tax money, now listen! month of july they didnt spin for 13 days and as of august they have been motionless for 7 days, now most wind companies are trying to sell the idea that for each wind plant we need 40 acres of huge toxic batteries buried in the ground to store any extra dc power that may be produced, isnt this why people are down on nuke power because of the toxic waste and clean up? what the hell are we doing have we lost are minds,we should be saving the land with the sources of green energy that is not ruining the ground we intend to save, is this what you want for your grand children to remember you by from one of the biggest most expensive mistakes that will be in the history books for years to come. wise up people, get a dam save the land

    and thank you to the strong folks out there with the new research studies that should have been done before we let this happen to our countries

  • Svend from Denmark

    Østerild Klitplantage is a plantation. It is an artificial forest that
    does not have anything to do with natural occurring Danish nature. There are allot
    of fine forests in Denmark worth preservation but Østerild Klitplantage
    is not one of them. In fact many in this field educated people have argued that
    the removal of the trees will help the area regain its former natural fauna and
    animal life instead of straight lines of pine trees. Sure the absence of the
    trees will make the area windier and the windmills will scare of people but the
    wild life will only gain …. Especially because of the people staying away ;-)


    I think this website if full of misinformation and obviously
    made by “tree hugging hippies” with a limited knowledge of the windmill test center
    project and its purpose.

  • MrB_dk

    Theres so much misleading on this page. Instead of the 2.66km2 they are clearing. They are planting 4.19km2 in other areas. So we are gaining forest. And therefor the icrease in CO2 is not true. Makes me sad when someone tryes to make my country look bad with lies

  • mark duchamp

    No Sir, planting young trees that may or may not survive in areas
    scattered around the country doesn't make up for destroying a forest that
    stands as a natural link between the two most important bird reserves of
    Denmark. And what to say about the erection of giant bird choppers
    between these two vital avian sanctuaries?

    Enough corruption! Enough destruction! Let's get the red/green fascists
    out of government and public administrations. Let's return to democratic process, social justice,
    and moderation in all things.

    This is not only valid for Denmark. It is valid for all Western
    countries that have been infiltrated, corrupted, and brainwashed by the destroy-the-environment-to-save-the-planet propaganda.

  • jannie

    This is just so sad, we would never allow clear cutting of trees for logging, yet for so called "green" energy people seem to look the other way. Although I am American, my grandparents came from Denmark so feel Denmark is part of my heritage. I can't believe the Danish government want to destroy the landscape like this. What good is a "few" maybe jobs if you lose the beauty and wildlife around you. I personally think the wind energy lobby has become so powerful that it'll just steam roll over us all --- until we take the money (subsidy) away.

  • Antivestas

    this is extremely worrying.this is in essence an outright attack on democracy.a message to the fools in will be hook or by have been warned.

  • Tiddlytops

    i would urge all to visit exopolitics is important to understand the work of nikola energy systems are well known by goverments.wind power is a very inefficient.its the equivelant of rubbing 2 sticks to create fire.rather primitive.

  • mark duchamp

    Building a test center for wind turbines in Denmark, where additional onland windfarms are prohibited, is like
    Japan killing whales "for scientific purposes".

  • Criminal Governments and Wind Officials must pay for their tyrannical behaviour sooner than later................These dishonourable people are acting on behalf of the United Nations to take over Lands, Natural Resources and basically render the Economies of the Free World basically bankrupt!
    More than meets the eye here fellow citizens of the World!

  • mark duchamp

    For bird life, it is nothing short of criminal to align 250-meter-high wind turbines for 6 km between a national park, a EU Natura 2000 area and a Ramsar wetland of international importance for migrating birds. In the world, wind turbines kill millions of birds and bats yearly, and their HT power lines kill millions more. See:

    The other scandal is the silence of practically all ornithologists and bird societies, who appear to have sold their souls to the wind industry, their major employer and benefactor. At Save The Eagles International, we denounce this shameful situation, which buries for money the whole idea of protecting wildlife and its habitat.

    Mark Duchamp
    Director, Iberica 2000
    President, Save The Eagles International

  • Jim & Rosalie Copland

    As New Zealanders who have visited your beautiful and productive country, we are alarmed at the disregard of democratic process that appears to be occuring. We appreciate that Denmark has been a leader internationally in wind farm technology, much of which has been employed to good effect here in NZ. To forcibly remove long-term owners of their land and homes seems contrary to our understanding of the fine reputation of democratic governance within your nation. We ask that the environment ministry that is promoting this non-complying action seriously consider alternative land areas for such research. If not the international perception of Denmark being a leader in democracy and environmental guardianship will be seriously tarnished.

  • MrB_dk

    I think some people may have misinformed you. 2.66km2 of mainly manmade pineforest is being cut down. But 4.19km2 of mixed forest is planted elsewhere. The landscape around the turbines will be put back to what it used to be. Moores and waterholes. About the democratic process. There has been surveys of several areas in Denmark, before the decision was made. By a large majority in the parliament. Sometimes in a democracy, you must accept a dicision made by the majority

  • Very concerned

    There is alot less Birds, Bees and Frogs in the world...and more people...We are subject to disease without these important species. Enough of Deforestation. Look what logging is causing: Many countries have been wiped of their natural trees and plants. Wonder why there is drought and pestilance? We are supposidly the intelligent species in this world? Plants and animals know how to change and adapt to their habitat. We are wiping these species out faster than they can adapt. When will we quit letting government and industry destroy the world before we are all extinct? When will true scientists and true environmentalists free of government and industry speak up?

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Troels Lund Poulsen
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